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Add your favorite websites, They are stored in your Browser.

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Minimalistic Interface (Beta)

Enabling Minimalistic interface will hide most elements from the home screen. To view your favorites
or use apps shortcuts either turn this feature off or use shortcuts.

Minimalistc Interface

Reminder: Use Shift + S to open settings again.

Kpress (Beta)

When enabled, Homepage will display a popup when two or more keys are pressed together. This
may help some users better visualize and remember shortcuts.



Set Homepage's background to anything you desire.


Places to find cool looking backgrounds.


Choose a Focus and let's get to work.

Focus for studying

Focus for programming

Focus for relaxation

Focus lets you stay in the moment when you need to concentrate. Using a set of pre-defined configurations, some home screen components will be hidden helping you stay focus.

Attention please...

Remember that this site uses cookies to store your favorites and save your settings, if you delete or do not allow cookies for this site you will lose all saves.


Default username

Set a username that will be displayed on the home screen.


Homepage search

Easily switch between different search providers.

Change Search change-search

Or press Ctrl + (Arrow Up)

  • Google (Default)
  • DuckDuckGo
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Suggest Options

Danger zone

Warning, these operations are not reversible.

Reset data

Reset to its default settings, all saved data will be erased in the process.


Choose a theme to match your mood and style.

Light themes

light-icon.png Standard

Dark themes

lighterdark-icon.png Grey
dracula-icon.png Violet
nord-icon.png Light grey
experimental-icon.png Simply purple
ghostlygreen-icon.png 👻 Ghostly green

Dark themes

darktheme-icon.png True Dark
highconstrast-icon.png High contrast
spacedark-icon.png Space dark
halloween-icon.png 🎃 Spicy Halloween

Special themes

experimental-icon.png Cool

Experimental themes

Try out Beta themes. Use at your own risk.

light-icon.png Standard (Beta)

Customizations (Beta)

Options to modify Homepage's user interface. Beware, some elements don't support customizations.

Hide things

Hide things from view.

Hide Search bar

Custom Background

Set an Image or GIF as your background. Depending on the image resolution, this process may take a few seconds.

Uploaded images are stored locally on your device.

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